PC Funny Moments Gaming?


Game: GTA 5, Dead By Daylight, Gmod. Happy to play others :)
Platform: PC
Timezone: UK GMT 10pm+
Age: Looking for people who are 17+
Link to Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIJJfqMIWe7E59LNdc8L34Q

Hi guys, I'm a relatively new youtuber who enjoys making funny moments videos + skits. I play with a couple of friends who are hilarious imo. Looking for people who might want to join in our sessions and just have fun recording. Usually play gta or gmod, but happy to play other games. Due to timing and schedules, we can all only really play from 10pm UK time onwards. So yea, let me know!

Here's an example of my videos if you want to know what me (and my friends) are like:



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