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  1. Mr. Dominus

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    Hey there! A couple of buddies and I are looking for some more people to play games and make videos with! We mainly revolve around PC gaming, but sometimes we also migrate to PS4 or Xbox One, depending on the game and the availability.
    We're looking for some fun, chill people! (But not too chill!)

    We only really have a few, very basic requirements:
    - Good quality videos
    - Age of 13+
    - Discord

    We don't care about subscriber count or amount of views. We want to help each other get more views and subs.
    We have a small Discord server that we use sometimes. If you want to join, just contact me @ my Twitter below.

    Twitter: @EthanIsDominus

    Hope I get to collab with some cool people soon!
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    i'm down to collab with you

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