Not Your Typical YouTube Goals


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Hi Fellow Laggers (Is that even a thing? Lol),

Initially, I was going to post a sub count goal like I used to.. but as time has gone on I've realized that YouTube goals should also be bigger than that. Too many of us stress about our numbers as I've seen many times on here. However, I want you to remember why you made your channel in the first place.. was it to inspire, for stress relief, to show the cool stuff you can do? I myself made Christoverse in order to bring intelligent thought to fun entertainment in order to reach and inspire a larger audience base. Therefore, my goal is to continue taking risks, challenging myself not to give up regardless of view/sub count and stay true to who I am. What are you doing it all for? Never forget the why. Good luck my friends and keep it going :)


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I have decided to do it, because I get to do what I enjoy doing whilst also learning something new (making and sharing videos). I want to at least put a smile or grin on one persons face. I'm not here for money, fame or fortune, just for the chance to share a passion.

Seems like we have very similar motives. So I wouldn't exactly say they are not the typical goals!


well, ambient and chill music are one of my favorites music genres so i want to share some cool music from that genre in my channel. i think thats why lol


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