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Discussion in '0 - 100 Subscriber Collaborations' started by OzTheBanana, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. OzTheBanana

    OzTheBanana New Member

    Hey, everyone, my name is OzTheBanana or Ozzy. I fall under the 100-?? sub count but I'm looking for smaller channels to collab with.

    I have teamed up with one of my buddies to form a youtube group. We were fortunate to find another person with the same kind of goals as we do. Now we are a trio. However, we as a group decided it would be best to expand it further. We want a diverse team of 6 people. We want you to join our team, we are all small YouTubers. But with some content shared among our group, we plan to grow our channels with yours.

    For now, our main focus will be Minecraft (because it is the easiest) but we do plan on branching out to other games. We recommend everyone who wishes to apply to be 15+ however we will make exceptions for some who are a bit younger. The reason for that is because our group contains people who are 18+. 18 being the youngest.

    We are seeking for 2 Females because like I said, we are trying to be as diverse as possible. However, we are looking for another male so don't fret.

    Here is some of our info so you know what to expect:

    Name: Ozzy
    IGN: OzTheBanana
    Specialty: Organizing, planning, marketing
    Minecraft Specialty: Decorating, farming, bows
    Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) // UTC-8
    Gender: Male

    Name: Josh
    IGN: Mcmelty
    Specialty: Servers, mods, plugins, hand art, graphic design
    Minecraft Specialty: Redstone engineer, building, PVP
    Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time) // UTC-6
    Gender: Male

    Name: Jordan
    IGN: Bienkie
    Specialty: mods, plugins, building
    Minecraft Specialty: Building, Redstone Engineer
    Timezone: SAST (South Africa Standard Time) // UTC+3
    ^ we make it work
    Gender: Male

    Name: Paulette
    IGN: Flying Elephants
    Specialty: N/A
    Minecraft Specialty: N/A
    Timezone: AST (Atlantic Standard Time) // UTC-4
    Gender: Female

    Name: Hannah
    IGN: InfamousNH
    Specialty: Digital Art, Video editing, thumbnails, photoshop
    Minecraft Specialty: Parkour, build battle, surviving in PVP
    Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time) // UTC-6
    Gender: Female


    Youtube Channel Link (be a small channel):
    Skype Or/And Discord:
    Minecraft Specialty:
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  2. Lord High Penguin

    Lord High Penguin New Member

    Hey ozzy.
    I have two questions, What time do you normally do things, and how do you make it work with Jordan, 'Cause i'm in a similar situation? Either way here is my application thingy ->
    Name: David
    IGN: Lord High Penguin
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: UTC+0
    Age: 16
    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5g3M1fwZ59heSGLTBgzgzQ
    Skype: LHPenguin
    Speciality: Programming, and Dying (frequently)
    Minecraft Speciality:Mini contraptions, and Blowing stuff up
  3. DracoDxl

    DracoDxl Active Member

    Hey Oz, would it be possible for you to link the channels of the current members as well?
  4. KryptonianX

    KryptonianX New Member

    IGN:Game Over
    Youtube Channel Link (be a small channel):Revolution Of Gaming X
    Skype Or/And Discord:KryptonianX
    Specialty:Mods, and very Funny
    Minecraft Specialty:Mods
  5. Aloiine Gaming

    Aloiine Gaming New Member

    Name: Sofie aka Al (prefer Al or Aloiine)
    IGN: Aloiine
    Gender: Female
    Timezone: CEST/CET // UTC+1/+2 (because of our summer time-thing)
    Age: 19
    Youtube Channel Link (be a small channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX24dDgbMqqZ_aAEyem-8Hg
    Skype Or/And Discord: Pyrto (#6305)
    Specialty: Making noises when its being too quiet and editing
    Minecraft Specialty: Dying (a lot), Build Battle and basically many of the Arcade games

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