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Hi. Just wanted to say hi and to introduce myself. I'm a fellow gamer; FIFA, God Of War, Resident Evil etc...

Things I look for in videos? I look for the content to be both funny and informative. I think a video has to be entertaining. I've had a YouTube channel for a few years, but it's only now that I'm really investing my time into increasing my subscribers and continually creating more content.

Looking forward to watching your videos and getting to know fellow members.


Hi and welcome.

I have watched a couple of your videos and can see a couple of things that I would improve.

1: Audio - I understand that you may be using the cameras built in mic to record yourself but there are still things you can do to improve it. You can seperate the audio from the video and run it through Audacity to improve its volume (Too quiet) and remove background noise if any appears after boosting. Your voice is being drowned out a little by the game audio which defeats the purpose of gaming commentary.

2: Video - You camera seems to be ok quality wise but its being hinderd. You should have the camera facing you a bit more. Also, try having any light sources shining at you face instead of coming from behind you. If you notice in your Horror Stories video the camera appears slower than in Your Wolves vs Manu video, this is because the lighting is poor and the camera is having to compensate. Cameras work better with more light. When the light is too low the camera compensates. Then you introduce noise and you alos get lower frames.

If you are using your camera as your microphone as well then its more important that you have the camera infront of you. At the moment you are talking away from the microphone. I may be wrong but thats what I can interpret from the videos.


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Hello @adamblaizelives, welcome to the community! Funny and informative videos are probably the best videos to get results in my opinion. Got to have something to keep a person entertained to keep them watching.


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