Network Recruiters Wanted



We’re currently looking for people to join the business as recruitment agent, this is a position which is essential for the business to grow. Your job will be to go out and talk to potential applicants about joining the network. In return we’ll pay you 15% of each person you partners revenue a month on sign up. Ie if you get a channel to join with an an months earnings of $100 you’ll get $15. This also means if you partner 1,000 channels and their combined earnings is $100,000 you’ll get $15,000.

To a successful applicant you’ll need to be able to do the following:

Work well within a team
Use approved regulations on submitting people for partnership
Work closely with your recruitment manager
Keep documented records of all events
Keep a forum presence
Work with your applicant until the training wheels need to come off

If you feel you meet the requirements, please contact us @

Many thanks,


(CEO Of Purity Network)