Need collab partners!


I would be interested, sadly I do not own Dead by Daylight, what other games do you want a group to collab with? I have a few different games that would be good, but what are you most interested in?

To add on; I went ahead and watched some of your videos, definitely have to say I enjoy your content and entertainment style.
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Kim Pop

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Haha I agree with Josh your introductory video was hilarious. I'd love to have you a part of our small group of friends if you'd be willing. :) PM me if you want to join us.


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Hey Kim sorry for the very late response wwa saway for comiccon over the weekend. I have Josh On twitter now. Let us make a group to chat with.

Kim Pop

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Haha sure bro, followed you on twitter. We all tend to talk on Skype, send me a DM and I will give ya my info. :)