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Hello everyone, Reborngaming here. Just wanted to let you all know I've made a new gaming channel called "RageBreak Gaming". Like my Made4542 channel, it will be dedicated to video game walkthroughs and let's plays with daily uploads every Mon-Fri. As for my Made4542 channel...things are not working out on there, no one really watches my videos, even important updates I do and my motivation to make videos on there has slowly been dying over time. So after a year of dealing with low view turnout and the depression that followed as a result, I've decided I will shut down Made4542 and start over again with a new name and a new direction. I'll provide a link to my new channel below. I haven't made anything on there yet, but I'm going to be starting projects on there very soon. I hope to see you all there and if you like what I do, show me some love with a sub.

Thanks all.
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