My Goal: Enjoyment


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My goal is simple. To enjoy creating the content I create!

I had a YT channel a few years back with 300+ subs on and it was fun to do for a while, but I felt like the content became stale and I wasn't enjoying it as much. Granted back then, I had limited equipment and to get where I was from that limited equipment was a nothing short of miraculous.

Now though, I've got better equipment from my streaming days including a stronger PC, green screen, lighting rig, better quality microphone etc etc.

So all I want to do now is enjoy it! I've got lots of stuff planned in the pipeline like my own wrestling company on WWE 2k17 which I started to create yesterday and looks like it's going to be fun!



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So, why didn't you just change what you were doing and continue on the old account with 300+ subscribers? All big YouTube creators have gone through changes over there time on YouTube. If you go back and watch PewDiePie's very first video on his channel its a silly Minecraft gameplay video. YouTube makes it easy to change your YouTube name on your channel, just not your URL if you had a custom URL.


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To be honest, it was a really old channel and it would have been like starting over fresh again either way.

I like a good challenge and would rather start myself over! :)


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