Merc eSports Content Creation Team Recruitment!

Merc eSports is looking for content creators!
Merc was created as a way to harbor and grow upcoming esports talents. We have been working on the project for months now, trying to figure out what the best course of action is. Rather than attempt to acquire a larger team in a major title, we will attempt to grow talents and acquire teams in smaller and medium tier scenes in order to keep with our idea of a grassroots-style organization. In addition, this allows us to focus more on our players by having a more hands on approach within the team, to get to know our players.

Our owners and staff are well versed in the esports scene with years of experience, with some of our managers as well as myself having worked for larger esports teams such as Naventic (Swarm Gaming) and LunatiK eSports as well as smaller teams such as Inspire eSports.

The requirements for joining Merc as a content creator
1.Quality content
2.Ability to represent and promote Merc in a mature and respectful manner
3.Steady upload schedule
5.Be able to communicate with owners and managers of the organization
There is no sub or viewer requirement to join Merc, As long as the content is good quality we will pick you up.
Contact Merc if you are interested in joining or have any questions!
Contact Info:
Owners twitter:



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