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  1. Title of Thread: LucarioPlaysGames

    • Channel Name: LucarioPlaysGames
    • Channel Link:
    • Channel Start Date: July 3, 2013
    • Partnered with Network?: Not partnered with anyone
    • Amount of Videos on Channel: 74
    • Total Subscribers: 97 (Oh mah goodness!)
    • Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1,255 views
    • Channel Description: Hey, everyone! My name is Lucario, and my main focus is on gaming videos, BUT I'm starting to put up some vlogs once in a while. My variety of games include Minecraft, Pokemon (fan-made included), Rocket League, some random games, and a few horror games once in a while! I truly hope you enjoy what I put out because it means so much to me when someone does! So, if you wish to have a peek at the channel, as I always say, don't forget to punch the everliving mashed potatoes out of that subscribe button! Thank you for listening!
    • Channel Trailer:
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  2. Wavern

    Wavern Active Member

    Your channel art looks really cool!
    You've got a nice voice and I love your style of commentating.
    I like your content, we have a lot of games in common. :p
    I really hope you reach those 100 subs soon! Wait... Let me help you with that! ;)
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  3. :p Thank you so much!
  4. TacoSamurai

    TacoSamurai New Member

    That intro got me! This video is pretty good, keep up the good work!
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  5. Thanks! :p
  6. BrandonIRL

    BrandonIRL New Member

    Congrats on 100 subs !
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  7. Thanks! :p
  8. Thank you guys for all of this supportness! :p
  9. Rongotea

    Rongotea New Member

  10. Thanks! :p

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