PC Looking to make friends and create a fun collab!


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Game: Yandere Simulator, Any of the Pokemon hacks/remakes (Im slightly limited right now)
Platform: This dont mater.
Number of People: 2
Timezone: Any of the U.S or Europe time zones.
Age: 18-25 (If that was asking for my age then im 22)
Mission: Just want to make something funny, im a little shy but once i get to know you im not shy anymore.
Subscribers: 2 -cries but not really-
Link to Channel: boop

I live in the U.S in Kansas.
My style of YouTube is still up in the air because i just started, but i still want to have fun none the less.
I want to collab so i can meet more people and have more friends, thats why im doing my Youtube so i can meet more people.


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Hey! I'd love to collab some time.
Game:Any of the Pokemon hacks/remakes (Send me some of them and I'll happily play Pokemon games!)
Timezone: I'll find time haha
Age: 22
Mission: To make lives better with humour and play games with cool people
Subscribers: 26
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJiFnUdcFyDR-4lJnGlxDKw
Oh that's great!
That would be awesome to do a collab. But i wouldnt know what to do for one, considering im kind of limited on what i can do for right now.


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