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Discussion in 'Collaborate With Others' started by JaxxPlays, May 26, 2016.

  1. JaxxPlays

    JaxxPlays New Member

    Hey, everyone!

    I have been youtube for a few years now and I enjoy video production but the reason I started making videos was to make videos with a friend or a group of friends
    I wanted to know if there is anyone else looking to have a youtube partner or friend that we could collab and make videos with.

    I'm looking for more of a friend than a video making person.
    The most important part is that we get along and that you have good enough equipment.
    I'm 19 and looking for someone that is at least 17 and up

    My skills are Editing, Graphic design, Marketing, Comedy and Video production.

    thanks for reading and if you are interested
    my skype is: wolfgod17 (add me on there if you want to talk)

    If you have any question just post down below
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  2. Vashido

    Vashido Member

    This post made me kinda sad:(
    Looking for a friend. I can be your friend mate!
    But srsly, what kind of games do you intend to record together? It's gonna be online only, yes? Genre?
  3. JaxxPlays

    JaxxPlays New Member

    Aww don't be sad! I have friends! Just not many that want to rec or that I would like to rec with cx And it will be online, PC and anything else can be figured out haha and Genre doesn't matter
  4. SamuraiHex

    SamuraiHex Noob

    Hi, I'm interested in recording and striking up a friendship! Some info I'm 20 and from the UK. Hopefully timezone won't be a problem. Other than that I have a group of friends with most coming from the UK. I'll contact you on Skype and hopefully strike up that friendship! 8D
  5. Pheomentrix

    Pheomentrix New Member

    Hay what's up guys I am 19 years old tech youtuber with 1k subscribers if wondering to be friend with me check my channel on youtube

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