Looking for talent scouts (paid)


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Hello all, we're currently looking for talent scouts for my network, Exclusive Media Network. This job is available from your own home! So this means you don't have to come into office. So what is a talent scout? A talent scout are staff who look for potential partners into the network which meets a certain criteria into our partnership programme, we need scouts who can talk to potential clients and make them happy and make a conversation because this would make it 80% likely for them to join our network. Now you may be wondering, how much do I have to work? You don't have to do much, you can send a couple of emails and messages out a night, week or even a month.

Now you may be wondering what the pay is? Well, you'll receive 50% revenue from our cut of the partners earnings every month. So once Exclusive Media Network gets the cut, we split our cut and pay you.

All you have to do is email jobs@exclusivemedianetwork.co and apply for this position. We will then speak with you over chat and see if this is the right job for you!

- Jonathan


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