Looking For PC YouTubers who Play GTA V for LTS Funny Moments

Hey Guys! I'm looking for some teenage PC YouTubers like myself to make some GTA V LTS Funny Moments with me. Here are the requrirements:

*Must be a YouTuber (any amount of subs, I don't mind carrying ppl to the top)
*Must be a teen
*Must have a Mic
*Must have Skype
*Must be kinda funny (stuff like that happens in the moment)
*Must not swear a lot (I can't swear much at all, but I don't care about other people, as long as it's not every other word, that gets annoying)
*Must speak English (I don't know any other languages to translate)

If you fit the description DM me on Twitter @TheVanillaMiner or just comment down below. Thanks and have a great day!


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