Looking for Editing Experience

Hey, all!
Penguin here. It's been a long time since I participated in this forum, and that's due to life getting in the way (as it always seems to).
I've decided that my channel is going to split its personality between the gaming collabs that this forum and its wonderful patrons have provided, as well as more live action, life oriented videos.
The only problem is that my main experience in editing has come from doing gaming videos, so I'm looking to expand that experience.

If anyone has any video that they would like edited, please shoot me a message or reply. I would love to help you edit your videos! I'm basically trying to build a portfolio and gain experience, so I'm not looking for money or anything (okay, maybe a mention in the description of any videos I edit would be good).

Anyway, that's all!
Thanks in advance for letting me know if this is posted in the wrong section, or breaks the rules... As I said, it's been a while.



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