PC Looking for collaboraters for Prophunt and other pc games


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Hi guys, I'm Anarkai. I'm an aussie gamer and I've recently started up my Youtube Channel. I'm looking for people to collaborate with on games like Prophunt, Golf with friends, and pretty much anything else that might lead to some good laughs.

Game: Prophunt, Golf with Friends, others
Platform: PC
Number of People: Any
Timezone: GMT+8 (Perth, Australia)
Age: 30
Mission: To find others to collaborate with on a regular basis and grow my channel.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxsqix9LTXJ2Nv_857ahJ5A
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Hi there fella, if you are still lokking for people, i would be interested to collab with you. Checked out your latest videos you are awesoem my man. My main platform is also the pc so yeah i hope i hear somethig back.

Have a wonderfull day ;p


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