Looking for chill gaming collab, I play most games

Rakim Joseph

New Member
Hi, my name is Sam and I make Youtube videos mostly for the fun of it. I'm not much of a spazz, rather I'm kind of the opposite. Whilst playing I like to immerse myself as much as possible and I'm fairly laid back. Atleast that's how I think of myself playing games, but go ahead and judge by yourself ;)

If you feel like the description could be more or less applied to you too, then maybe we could make some pretty decent collab videos (Let's plays I guess?).

I play most types of games, WOW, Battlefield, Terraria, GTA V, Stanley's Parable, No Man's Sky (as soon as it releases), Fallout 4, Oldschool Runescape, Witcher, CS:GO and a bunch of other games. Not a big fan of horror but I think that's the only type of game I'm not really that into.

If you're interested message or comment your skype below and I'll get back to you whenever I have some spare time :)

Age doesn't matter too much as long as your voice doesn't squeak and you can be fairly mature.

I'm not looking for collaborations with someone with a specific amount of subscribers, I only have 44 subscribers myself as of making this post so I'm not really in a position to make any demands myself either way :p
i am new to this forum and i am trying to grow my Channel Late Night Party Gaming so anyway to do that will be welcomed im down


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