Looking for Anime Drawers!


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Hey there! My name is Spuntillian, and i have a request regarding my channel wallpaper! I've been thinking about changing the wallpaper as i have had the same wallpaper for almost a year now.

So basically my request is, does anyone specialize or have a fond of drawing anime characters, and are you able to draw real people into anime characters?

The reason i'm asking this is because i need someone to draw an Anime version of me which i'll need for my new Channel Wallpaper :).

Please let me know! And i hope we can get to it pretty soon :)


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Hi there i would like to give this is a shot if that's alright :)
Alright cool! But there's 1 thing you need to know and 1 think that i need to know:

What you need to know: Basically, i've already made my new wallpaper myself unfortunately, BUT, i think i would like a new avatar/logo, so i guess nothing's been changed for you i guess x)

What i need to know: Do you mind if i see your art first? If you have it somewhere? Like, on youtube, twitter or something else? I want to find an art style that i feel would fit for my channel :)


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I dont unfortunately have any portfolio. Been doing it as a casual hobby. This will be a free design unless you want to donate when you see it and your happy with it :)


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