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If your a designer and you'd like to be added to this list, submit it below with the information and we'll add it to the list.

Post below the following
  • Name:
  • Twitter Link:
  • Portfolio Link:

The following designers are known designers in the community. You will need to contact them individually to figure out what the pricing is for their services.

List of Designers
AyegoUK | Portfolio
GRiiMDaze | Portfolio
Zapmaster14 | Twitter
KirbCom | Twitter | Portfolio
thatblueperson | Twitter | Portfolio
TheSlywolverine | Portfolio
ScottishScott | Twitter | Portfolio
RYANATOR | Twitter | Portfolio
23funkyman | Twitter
Jay Graphics | Portfolio
RiddHD | Twitter | Portfolio
TheMaxum | Twitter
MobFactory: Andrea | Twitter
Yankster | Twitter | Portfolio
RaTTyBaSHeR54321 | Twitter
Captain Bravo | Twitter | Portfolio
Osiris | Twitter
ReapingFire | Twitter
Travis Plays MC | Twitter
Axel wikborg
ZeepoHD | Portfolio
Wulfey Edits | Twitter
Delta The Potato | Twitter
Avee | Twitter
Aura | Twitter | Portfolio
GermanTypography | Twitter
Skullskater | Twitter
TheRawrBenRawr | Twitter
Newname media | Twitter
Lachie Fulasky
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Icy G's Designs

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add me ^^ portfolio twitter


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Can you add me to the list please
Portfolio -
Twitter -


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Just quickly dropping in to say thanks for this great collection of artists. Browsing through right now to find someone to relaunch new art in 2015! Good stuff!
If any of you amazing GFX guys are bored and feel like making me an intro that would be awesome add me on skype Popagapple if your interested if you do i will be sure to give you a shoutout and help get your GFX all around the world

ZAP'd Designs

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Could I be added to the list, counting in the fact I am in the Designer group? I just realized this sticky thread was here :p


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