List of Great YouTube SubNetworks

Jordan Ellis

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wukh network

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Well, i would have to say but i am suspicious because i own it.

When looking for a subnetwork you should go for level of support mainly and high % rev share.

Austin Rowsell

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Network Name: GameNet, LLC
Network Partners Count: 004
How long has it been running: 1 Month
Requirments: They have a new network requirement for all the channels to must meet the minimum requirement or they will be denied. All channels must have minimum 5 videos, 10 subscribers, all channels branding with profile picture, channel banner, channel description and the channel must be 1 month old in order to be partnered.
Support Time Wait: 12/Hours or Less
Owner and Founder: Austin Rowsell
Review: GameNet, LLC is know for it's Great time wait for support.
They have been able to help and support all their channels acording to its MCN its under,(BentPixels) And have been struggling to get partners but have been to survival.


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