Lets Settle This!


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Okay i made this video to settle the whole Eminem vs MGK in a very weird way, but it works for me, and maybe to a lot of people as well, but if you want a part two or if there is further stuff happening i will do another video which is much better, but as far is this goes i think Eminem won the whole first stage of this Eminem vs MGK without even thinking about it and why?

1] MGK had really corny lyrics and was more of a fanboy than an actual foe in the disstrack and you cannot praise someone so much in a disstrack because it takes everything away from it as far as it being a disstrack. However, Eminem easily and in a very calm way addressed everything plus had the balls to go further to insult him
2] He actually uploaded a diss and had his facts wrong considering his idol is Eminem, how the fuck is that even possible
3] He was mumbley to me and to a lot of people plus the beat was too Anime-ish to me and with the corny lyrics , it was just a disaster, and its as good as DragonballZ
4] Before he uploaded the diss he was celebrating Eminem dissing him and then he comes up with a diss sucking up to Eminem which doesn"t make any type of sense what so ever

that is why MGK didn't win shit not lyrically, not mentally, but just marketing wise which i think is the sole purpose of this beef for MGK. However, its a bit of a Win/Lose situation but more on the lose side because you are going to face backlash from the Eminem fan base which is i bet 900+ times the amount of fans that he got and will ever get, and at the same time after the beef he announced his EP because his name is hot at the moment, and if it fails , its going to be very embarrassing for him and it will make Rap Devil more shitty than it is right now!



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