KroniclePlayz! Walkthrough Channel on a Variety of Gaming Genres!

Hi Guys! I'm a Walkthrough channel that uploads every single day at 6pm EST, at the current moment I have 170 subscribers! I do a Walkthroughs, Playthrough and Let's Play on a Variety of Gaming Genres. I do most of my videos on the PS4 but will do some PC Gaming in the future! I wanted to make my channel for the love of gaming, walkthroughs, playthroughs and let's plays! So if you're interested, subscribe to watch new walkthrough episodes everyday! Have a great day or night!

Series i'm doing on my channel currently

Monday - AC Odyssey
Tuesday - Fallout 4
Wednesday - Skyrim Special Edition
Thursday - (NEW) Days Gone Blind Playthrough
Friday - Dishonored Low Chaos Playthrough
Saturday - Detroit Become Human Blind Playthrough
Sunday - Heavy Rain Blind Playthrough

I hope you enjoy my channel!


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Your channel sounds pretty dope, I'll definitely be sure to check it out!


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