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    I started a Youtube Channel not long ago, but I don't think I grasp this SEO too awfully well. Can someone tell me the best way to utilize it and understand it?
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    Definitely not a dumb question. Search Engine Optimization is about ranking your content as high as you can in a search engine. For instance, if I searched Pewdiepie on youtube six years ago, it might have shown "apple pie", "pew pew die" etc. Now that Felix has garnered his fame, his content does the SEO for him. You search "P" and pewdiepie autofills right away. This is your goal by doing a few quick but consistent changes, you can rank higher on YouTube. I would recommend checking out this video:
    or even YouTube's getting started video tutorials on how to optimize your channel visibility. In regards to a quick, spark notes version.. here you go:
    -Ensure you have both a catchy and relevant title on each video. I find a question such as "Are you getting enough sleep between gaming?" or even "Top 10 ways to be OP in a game". Furthermore in regards to titles, if you search words such as "gameplay" in the YouTube search bar, you will see the most popular searches incorporating the word games ie. gameplay walkthrough. You can make your title "Are you afraid of the dark? - Silent Hill Gameplay Walkthrough" etc
    -For tags, same theory, put relevant but popular tags by searching your video topic in the search bar and putting the most popular relevant words in your tags. You should also put location (ie. Tokyo), generic tags like boy, girl, funny etc.
    -Although not as much pull having a longer description with links does wonders. When YouTube bots are crawling pages, the more word content you have in the description the easier it is for them to say okay cool this is what it's about!
    -When naming your jpg. image, make sure it's a relevant name to your video title as even filename can play a role
    -Make sure your thumbnail is relevant but nice looking.. create a theme even that people easily recognize
    -Clean up your homepage into playlists or 2-3 default lists so it's not messy or hard to look through
    -Share your video on social media.. this is where backlinking comes into play. Getting others to share your video and repost etc ranks your video higher
    -Other SEO tips are to follow the algorithm as it changes.. youtube now prefers longer videos as it shows hard work and they like rewarding hard work.. also adhering to the advertising policies ie no swearing, putting gory images or guns etc will allow your video to show up on all/any advertisement
    -Add annotations and other links in the video
    -Do collaborations, those are a huge part of SEO
    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks a lot friend! This has all been very useful information.

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