Intro+Loop needed


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Hi, I'm new here.

So I've been making ambient/post-rock music for a while now and posting it on YouTube. But I plan to make full playlist videos, so I need an intro.
I'm looking for an intro that looks something like this (first attached image), with JayKob written on it.

I'd also like it to be space themed and minimalistic. Font - very light and simple. If this won't work, you could also make it something like this (second attached image), but green.
It would be great if it was very calm and slow, to match the ambient music.

Also, I don't know if it's possible, but, right after the intro finishes, I'd like it to be a constant loop, so it can be a background for the music as well. It could, like... float endlessly or rotate slowly... or a small particle orbiting it. Generally something very calm. And spacey.
No music needed, I will add music on my own :)

To contact me just write a PM me on YouTube or reply here.

I would really appreciate if someone helped me with this. Thanks ;)

PS. Sorry if my English is bad, I'm not a native speaker



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