I'm that guy who loves Minecraft and is making a Movie in it! :)

Hey everyone! I'm TripleTyphoon! I am fairly new to this community, well I have an active account and I posted a few times but never really consistenly. I came here to build a bigger and more supportive audience. I started my YT channel when I was 14. I just recorded random gaming videos like Minecraft let's plays, adventure maps, minigames and other games like Far Cry 4, Primal, CS:GO, GTA V, etc. But lately, I've given my channel a purpose. I decided I better focus and actually make something bigger. My goal is to have a YT channel with many like-minded people watching and enjoying my content! I really like Minecraft. I've been playing it since forever and It's just such a great creative game. You can literally do anything in it. And since I love games, good movies and am very creative (and I watched many MC movies myself and found them really great and amusing) I thought why not make my own movie. And so, in 2016 I took on this project and by now it's already MASSIVE. But not to "promote" myself too much I just wanted to make this post to introduce myself to the community, to let you all know that I exist and who I am.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)



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