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Hello hello people of this great forum :) I'm looking for people that are able to collaborate, because my channel is getting bit lonely with only me talking. Of course im going to introduce the kind of person am I, the different requirements needed to collaborate and the games I could possibly play if my computer doesn't decide to d**k with me. ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN BOLD!!

What kind of person am I??

I'm born in Australia with a Vietnamese background. I'm 15 years old and obviously still attending high school. I have a very annoying laugh depending on my mood XD I can be cheeky, mean and extremely nice depending on the situation im in. I make a lot of sexual innuendo jokes and talk about the strangest things, because Merkmusic has too much of an influence on me.

My channel is still in it's "experimenting" state, where i'm trying to find my editing style, commentary and so on. However, I do try and post as recent as possible, to try and keep my channel alive. ALIVE I SAY!! So if you're interested feel free to slide in my dm's where everything is safe and sound bb *obnoxious licking noises* don't take me serious XD

Requirements needed for Collaboration:
Decent internet connection (because I live in Australia my internet is usually donkey a**, but I can rock 30 ping sometimes)
Decent mic
Annoying yet funny personality
Computer games (for now)

-Preferably someone around my age group, doesn't have to be though.

If you reach these requirements, then im available on (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu) at 4:00pm Australian time
and maybe (Fri,Sat,Sun) depending on what my family is doing. My Skype: minecrafter.aka.an (Ignore my 12 year old self, and the cringy bloody name) UHM, if you can't find me, than just provide your skype account below.

Games I play on Computer:
CSGO -experienced
Far Cry 4 -inexperienced
GTA 5 -inexperienced
Rocket League -experienced
Roblox -experienced
League of Legends -very inexperienced
Team Fortress -Experienced
Aura Kingdom -inexperienced
Osu -experienced


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