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Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Purpleoak, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Purpleoak

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    I go by Purpleoak and I am kinda losing hope of ever at least been able to make it on Youtube at all. I mean even remotely. Making a little bit of extra money wouldn't be bad. It just seems like the more I actually try to do better SEO, titles, thumbnails, descriptions, all that stuff. It just really doesn't help at all.

    Then I look at other channels who try and criticize my Youtube stuff and some weird magical way they are the ones who are growing. I honestly don't understand how they do it. Unless they like spam the F out of their channel on everyone else's channels, I don't know. Some probably do the sub4sub sh*t which if that is the case they can keep doing that.

    I know the Gaming section on Youtube is just overly populated. That is why I try and do different things on my channel when it comes to games. I try to avoid doing strictly walkthroughs , because you just can't compete with the guys who are really well established Youtubers.

    I mean I am always learning new things when it comes to SEO which is great in my opinion. I implement the end screens, cards, call to actions buttons, I try to be very engaging. I even sometimes promote my channel/videos on just a select few locations because I don't want to spam anyone. Does anyone have any tips maybe that I am not doing? I use Tubebuddy, VidiQ,Rapidtags, Google keywords, and a few other keyword sites. I am always looking for ways to improve on everything. Sorry for the mini-rant everyone.
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    I've written an article on how to be successful and grow on YouTube, but I'll go a bit farther here.

    I'm not sure where you promote your channel and content, but promotion is key. For people to find your channel, you must promote it. Tell people about it. If you're allowed to share your videos somewhere, do it. Share your videos here in the video promotion forum, daily upload threads. Promote your channel where possible.

    Social media, Twitter and Facebook pages. Lots of Twitter RT accounts will share your tweets about your videos if you find them and follow them. You just have to tweet them. Grow your social media pages with your subscribers, that way they can know when you upload too. But utilize the social media pages to alert people that your channel is there.

    Stay consistent with uploads obviously. Choose a schedule and make sure you have new content going up on your channel each day. Keep people engaged in your content. Try to ask viewers questions or ask stuff that will result in comments.

    If you have the funds, host a giveaway.

    Collaborate with other YouTube creators. We have a big collaboration forum where people are always searching for people to collaborate with.

    If you post content that is interesting enough for our homepage, you're free to write a short article about the video/topic, place your video in the article and post an article on our homepage. It will be reviewed by me or a staff member and edited, approved or rejected depending on what we decide.

    There's other forums and sites that allow promotion as well, we're not the only one. But we might be the best one available :p

    There really is no secret. It takes hard work, dedication, creativity, and luck to be successful on YouTube.
  3. J0ystickJunkies

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    Great advice above!! Stay focused brotha/sista lol. Its tough but its worth it. If it were easy, everyone would do it right!! You will get growth and the it will taper off and the process continues. You are on the right track by being here. Enjoy what you create and the growth will follow.
  4. bigtennessee

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    Keep Your Head up Buddy. I just started and look forward to the growth and success of my channel. it takes time but one day it will be like a domino effect and the ball will never stop rolling if you keep at it!:)
  5. Rolluxus

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    Repetition and a schedule is one of the keys, YouTube is very time consuming and the people that criticize you are the people that do spam and make a lot of clickbait stuff, Hard work and keeping your head up are the things that keep you going, It takes time to get noticed and it is hard but you will get there man and to think of it as more of something you love to do and not think about money at all like it is not bad just makes the journey a lot harder, That is just my Opinion I have been doing this for awhile and have had a few channels in my time so I hope this helps man best of luck. Cheers

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