I made a multi lingual chill hop track

Anyone wants a free multi lingual Chill Hop track for their videos?

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Hi guys,

I hope you all are doing good and staying safe during these hard times.

Anyways, I made an experimental multi lingual chill hop track consisting of Assamese, English and Punjabi verses for the vibe. The name is Pen, Paper Aru Speaker by Pause The Day, Xavy and Qaidi. If you want to use this track for your videos (gaming, vlogs whatever), feel free to do it. There would be no copyrights issues for sure. If anything happens give me a message on Instagram and I'll white list your channel. But don't worry nothing will happen as I have the full copyrights and I give permission to use the song. So if anyone says anything, just contact me and I'll make it right. But no one will say anything so no worries.

Also this is a track with a chill vibe so it'll suit a vast genres of video so feel free to use it if it suits your video. NO COPYRIGHT STRIKE. Just put my channel/track link on your video description and that's it.

Cheers!! Stay Safe


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