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Jack Muskrat

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There's recently been an influx of users promoting their live streaming both in this sub-section (Twitch Forum) and the Live Stream Promotion sub-section. There has technically been no wrong done in terms of the forum rules as nothing has been previously outlined, mostly because the intended purposes of these sub-sections were thought to be a given. But with how things have gone it has been thought to clarify...

The Twitch Forum sub-section is meant for news, discussions, and questions regarding Twitch and the use thereof. It is not for linking to channels (this may be done as a one-off post to the Twitch Channel Promotion sub-sub-section) or promoting live streams.

The Live Stream Promotion sub-section should only be used to announce and advertise either an upcoming live stream or when you are about to go live - if you do make a post to let people know of streaming coming up, please use that same thread to state when the stream is actually live.
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