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Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Bernardo Brezni, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Bernardo Brezni

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    Greetings, i started with gaming channel on YT and i got only 19 SUBS in7 days, the most of them are my friends, i dont know is it good number for 7 days but asyway, i have 3 videos only for now but i will upload more this week. Need any advice for start on YouTube, and also i have some problems with video streaming with DX tory (actually i can't record Battlefield 1, i think that problem is that because game is on Origin, and i disable Origin in game and still can't recording). But now i ordered Elgato Pro HD card for streaming. I hope that this card will help me with quality because i had streaming in Bandicam and i setup my settings for FULL HD video and after i convert the video in Vegas and upload them on YT there is 1080p in settings but qualiti wasn't FULL HD. Anyway if you have any advices i want to hear them, thanks ;)
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    For the help of this subject. Maybe it's good to help us understand your main problem. Is it your to grow on YouTube? Or your video cart.

    So if it is for YouTube it self than i would say consitensy is the key. So hard work an effort are the main key to acomplish your goal. Also have a bit of fun on the way to your goal.

    For the card issue. I don't have a clou whats that about :p

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