How to make an intro/ Request


Hey guys!

I was just wondering what software you all use to make intros to your channel? I have only really just started out but want to get an intro sorted to start to put at the start of my videos. Any help/advice would be really appreciated.
If there's anyone out there that would like a crack at it too for my channel, let me know :)!
YouTube username/channel name is meghawx so something with a hawk in maybe? (Like my logo on the channel). Otherwise, I love pixelart/cartoon/anime/chibi-style art.

P.S I need to sort my banner out too I know :p it was just a quick one.


Thanks everyone :D


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We use all the adobe suite for everything

So for the actually artwork i would say you would use illustrator as its the best for drawing, if you wanted a photo or real images you would need photo shop

We just made our intro using our video editing software which is Premiere but of course any editing software would do


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i use after effects and Cinema 4D along with sony vegas for rendering.
Il gladly help you out :) add me on skype
Vamperix and il sort you out ^^


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Try out this website called "Panzoid" you can make flawless intros for free,simple and easy to use, and download them, but you will have to convert the file to .mp4 for it to be useful. To convert it use this website: "Facetype.js".