How to improve my content?

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Isfahane, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Isfahane

    Isfahane New Member

    I have made a quite new gaming channel. I am mainly playing overwatch on and I would really like to improve my videos. So if you could check my newest video out and tell me what to improve it would be very appreciated:
  2. Rhazes [RPG]

    Rhazes [RPG] Member

    it says that the video is private, idk how the video is, but here's how you make your content better:
    1. thumbnails, these attract people, the more interesting, the better.
    2. edits, well if its gameplay vids like overwatch, i dont think itll need much edits but if youre doing like funny stuff, edits are definitely needed, and good ones.
    3. be creative with what you do, dont repeat sth over and over again, sure you can keep doing it, but make sure you have a mix of what games or vids youre doing.
    4. collab, if you can find someone who has the same interest and can help you with vids and games, give it a shot, because if its a game like overwatch, it is SOOOOOO much better with a guy communicating and playing with you.
    5.have fun, whatever you do, if youre not having fun with the game, people can see it and of course, that is bad content, so make sure you have fun, but also listen to your audience, and give a shot at what they request, but if you dont enjoy it, then dont do it. youtube is all about having fun while sharing it with people.

    Thats my advice for you, :D

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