How To Find Perfect Tags For Your Videos!!

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    Hello best friends,

    Today I'm going to show you how an you find the perfect tags for YouTube videos.For this I use a new site known as RapidTags.Now this is not a sponsored post.I use this tool personally & I find this tool useful that's the reason I'm sharing this with you guys.So this might be a great tool for new youtubers who are totally new to YouTube.So it's really help to to find some great tags for your videos.So let's get started :)

    1.Ok friends,so the first thing need to do is just open up your browser and head over to .


    2.Now just add your video title on the seared bar and click on the seared icon.Just for an example I added my title "how to start a gaming channel".


    3.Now as you can see it's generating some tags based on your title your title.


    4.If you examine sometime you will see it's give you all the best tags based on your title.That's really great to see that this tool really help you to find the perfect videos for your tags.


    5.If you want you can copy,edit,delete your tags :)


    Thanks a lot :)
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