How many monitors do you use?


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I can see maybe using up to 3 screens, but I have a friend who uses 6 (of various screens, i.e. an old laptop, his TV, etc.), and I can't quite see the benefit of that. For myself, I use two and I find that's quite sufficient for me :)


i currently using 2 monitors and i love it ! its so easy to keep track of everything know


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I use two monitors and I've been doing that for a while now, I can't stand using only one so that's not even an option anymore. I usually have chrome up on the second one with music, a muted stream or something else.
When I edit I put the preview window there so I can edit in full screen and leave more room for the timeline on my main one. My second one is an ips monitor so it shows colors a lot better than a tn.
Just one usually. Although when I stream or when I join a stream, I tend to take my laptop and open that to use that as a second one! :D


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