How many is too many playlists on channel page?

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Christoverse, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Christoverse

    Christoverse Active Member

    Hey everyone,

    So I've had this question burning in my mind for a while. Since I like to be organized and comprehensible, I have made 7 playlists on my homepage. My content is diverse, but related enough to not be all over the place. I wanted to add an 8th (I have a ton of live commentary gameplay on my channel, but it's kind of hidden right now) do you think certain channels can get away with more playlists? Or is this a general rule of dude that's too many?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Jack Muskrat

    Jack Muskrat Well-Known Member Staff Member Damn Mod

    I don't think it'd hurt to add an 8th playlist, the thing you'd have to think more about is the order in which you have them. I can't really talk for the general public but when I go to people's channels I tend to check the trailer (if they have one) and then click straight to their Videos page to see everything they've put out - I don't think I ever scroll down to the playlists, etc they have on their home page. But if people do then you'll want to put your best and/or most popular content at the top to give the best impression when someone is seeing your content for the first time.

    With that being said, it could be that you have certain series you'd like to showcase and build it's popularity, so maybe you'd think about putting that up first to hopefully grab people's attention.
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  3. Christoverse

    Christoverse Active Member

    @efwaGames this is great information thank you for that. I've always assumed that people check the playlists before anything else (maybe it's my hyper organization kicking in lol) but knowing your viewing process gives great insight
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  4. The_Name's_Alex

    The_Name's_Alex New Member

    I like to keep it under 5 honestly
  5. GameOverViper

    GameOverViper Administrator Staff Member Damn Admin

    Look at all the playlists that PewDiePie has on his channel, then ask yourself if an 8th playlist is too many. ;)

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