How is the Covid-19 Pandemic Effecting Content Creation for your Channel?


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Is this Covid-19 Pandemic allowing you to create More content for your channel?

Some may be able to continue on with making more content and having more time, but I can see where others could be struggling due to losing a job and source of income to pay for items such as internet, new games, and other stuff. Family might be in the way of content creation because what free time you had before to make content, is now being used to care for your family.

How is it effecting you, let us know below.
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Nope. In terms of content this situation hasn't made much of a difference for me. I was working while my daughter was at school, and everything I created was done around work or my daughter. Now I've lost my job and the schools are closed I'm spending the time I wasn't able to create before with my daughter and attempting to homeschool her. If anything I'm creating less because there were times in the week she'd go to a family member's house for a bit and I'd get to work on stuff then, but obviously with lockdown/isolation that can't happen at the moment.
Since i got 2 Channels its a double thing for me, My Transport Channel is having no uploads as theres no content, Going back to 2017 Levels of views. My Gaming Channel on the other Hand has been growing faster than expected over the last few months.
I finally got back into making content because of the pandemic, even started streaming on twitch which is fun, so it's been positive. I do worry about having to revert to less content once this is over due to other time constraints returning though.


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I think im in a weird way thankful for the pandemic because it got me to try out youtube again and i havent been this happy in a while


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same old same old im a trucker so i dont have a lot of content creating capabilities other then recording on playstation and then uploading to youtube when i have wifi i stream when im on hometime sometimes but its hard to stream when you on the road and wifi signal weak to non existent so yeah


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