How do you script videos?

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Whenever I've finished writing, I close the word document and don't look at it again for a couple of months. I do this because whenever I come back to the scripts, I never remember what I've wrote so I feel like I get the same experience as a fan does watching a video.
Maybe I'm just a human goldfish, but I usually get this feeling when I look back on what I've written after a day or two lol.

At the moment we are making videos as fast as I can write them, but I'm hoping to churn out some material and get ahead of the game, so to speak.

Usually I'll take some general, unformatted notes as I brainstorm for upcoming episodes.

Then I'll start assembling the ideas in the traditional screenplay format in a .txt file. (Basic scene and character descriptions, dialog, and occasional thoughts on specific camera angles or set design options).

As I make major additions and revisions, I'll save a new file with a higher 'version' number.

We then use the script as a 'shooting script' while we film the episode. Sometimes we adlib, or change sections of dialog during filming, audio recording, or during editing.

Once the video is live, I upload the script in the videos subtitle editor which syncs it with the dialog, and I go through the video, fixing subtitles formatting, updating any adlibs etc. and making sure everything matches up correctly.


i dont make machinima for the most part scripting for me comes from new content from yandere simulator or if i have an idea for a top list/rant video, end up using my phone to take notes when i think about them with what im picturing in my head kinda like you would in a movie script

Capac Amaru

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So, bit of an update. I've switched from vanilla text files to a website and app combo called celtx.

With it's free account you can write scripts with lots of convenient script formatting functions, cloud save them, share between devices and multiple users, plus export to different file formats like txt and pdf.

It's really streamlined my writing process, and makes it much easier to share the files with Splitsie.


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Generally I start production on a video straight after I finish the script. This is because when I'm writing it I'm keeping in mind how I want to visualise every line, every gag etc. The thing about videos is that the humour can come from the visuals as much as it can the audio. So you might have a line that's fairly mundane on paper but with a good concept for a sight gag behind. The thing about leaving your script for months, aside from drastically lengthening your production cycle, is that unless you've made detailed notes to accompany it, you might come back to such a line and have no idea what you originally intended to do with it. That would be my take at least.


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Depends on the video if it one of my news rant videos I will script the video up until I rant then I just go off the rails for a few mins but if it is a review or regular news video then all scripted


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