How do you script videos?

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When ever I script for a video. Whenever I've finished writing, I close the word document and don't look at it again for a couple of months. I do this because whenever I come back to the scripts, I never remember what I've wrote so I feel like I get the same experience as a fan does watching a video.

I feel this has worked great for the quality of my videos but I was just curious if anyone else did a similar thing.

Thanks :)


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I want to talk about scripts but I don't understand your post.

What do you do with scripts?


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I finish writing them then forcibly don't read them for a few months until I've forgotten what I've wrote. Then I read the scripts again and see if I'm entertained by my own writing when I don't know what I've actually said.
At what point do they go into videos?


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I currently have 15 finished scripts and I upload about every 3 weeks so about 9 months between first draft and final draft at which point I do the video.
Some videos get pushed forward or backwards depending on Google search trends but 9 months is the average.
Geez that's an undertaking. I have a dedicated notepad doc that I write ideas in. Mostly fresh ones to be used within a day or two and often delete the old script when I type a new one.


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I do enjoy gloating after proof reading tells me I wrote something good
I've recently tried to script a video. I did one based on my favourite stages in the Tekken franchise, since I grew up with the games.

It is fun to write scripts, but it can be a pretty hard time when thoughts on how to write the script aren't coming to your head. You could be sitting there for hours trying to write the perfect line and it'll never come to you... soon as you take your mind off it and you go away to do other things, that's when the ideas come.

And even when you do end up writing a good line of dialogue, you read it back to yourself, and then something doesn't sound right, which leaves you having to re-write everything. Then you're back to square one again!

Can anyone relate? :p


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My scripting methods are still in development, but the way I do it is fairly basic.

I write my scripts as though I'm writing a play. Every action I want their to be in my video, I'll say lines out loud and then tweak them as I see fit, then write them down.

And once I find myself getting stuck on some part, I'll jump to a different section of the script and work there until I eventually have a completed script.

And then I'll read it over a few times to make sure I'm not going on too long about something or shaving it down to make it more concise. (Previous videos could've been scripted better, but like I said, still learning. :D )

When I'm at work, in the wee hours of the morning, I'll find myself thinking of funny things, scenes, jokes, or set ups that I may want to include in whatever video I'm working on. So I don't forget, I carry around this little notebook in my back pocket and write everything down. I'll come back to it later, and sometimes things only seem funny because I'm so tired I get into that giggly thing that happens when exhausted. But a lot of the times, I'll figure out how to make things work. :)

So once I have this play/script/narrative written down, I'll move into the next phase which is set set-up if necessary. If not, then straight into recording. :)


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