How do you keep up your energy?

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by CringeGames, May 13, 2017.

  1. CringeGames

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    Hi all, I have a question about keeping up your energy during recording / streaming.

    I find that I think that I am putting good energy into my recording, but it usually comes out kind of chill. Which isn't exactly what I need for my channel...

    One problem is that I am in an apartment complex, so I can't start yelling and stuff.

    So I am wondering how you keep your energy levels up so it shows in the recording without needing to yell?

  2. MSgtPorkins

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    Cocaine and PowerBars. On a serious note, depending on the time of content being made, coming off energetic and keeping it can either make or break a video. If it is something you're very passionate about, people can tell that you are hyped about what you are doing despite your tone of voice. One guy that does this well is Steve1989MREInfo. He has that ASMR calm/soothing voice yet when he unboxes an old MRE from days past, you can see his hands shake and even the excitement in his voice which gets others excited. It's something you'll have to play around with to figure out what works and what doesn't.
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