How do you get the ball rolling on youtube

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by notfunny345, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. notfunny345

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    Im kind of stuck with 10 subs and I was wondering what I could do to grow like would it be more uploads or something any support would be appreciated
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  2. Jack Muskrat

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    Sadly there's no copy-paste answer for how to grow. You just have to work on your own style and keep learning to make what you're doing the best it can be; getting better and better as you go. Check the sticky posts in this section as there is some helpful advice there. But you'll find some YTers make it by only doing two videos a week while others have had to do 2 a day, every single day. Same as some find success with doing short, heavily-edited videos while others make it with hour-long unedited vids. You just gotta find do what you can in whatever time you have available, make it your own, and make it as good as you possibly can.
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  3. Naldo's

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    For your video's it's good to have a great SEO. And so than YouTube wil pick him up. If your video's ar found on YouTube so wil they be on Google. And further on. This way you can grow. Right compelling titles and learn to interact with your viewers. Also react to comments. Al this are ways to increase your sub count. But ceep in mind that your sub count isn't the main target. You having fun is ;)

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