Hottest Games on YouTube - Whats the last game you Played?

Jack Muskrat

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Played about an hour of the Battlefield 1 beta last night and found it really fun. Though with those kinds of games I'm not really invested enough to pay full price for it - I'll wait for it to go in a sale.

Recording-wise, yesterday I continued playing Layers of Fear and This is the Police. And I've literally just come out of playing Paddle Up - a VR table tennis game.


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The last game I played I'm still playing Homefront the Revolution, Dungeons 2, Dead by Daylight and Depth I am still uploading videos of them weekly to my channel I recommend the games to any one they are so much fun.


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Mass Effect 2, I have a new video to edit now :v whee~
Just noticed that I'm still the most recently active goofball in here o.o hello old post.

Lil' Bane

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Ended streaming Blood & Bacon last night. It's kind of like if L4D and CoD Zombies combined, but instead you kill pigs. There isn't a whole lot of features, but the game was only 89 cents and it's tons of fun with friends. I think it's totally worth its money.