Hottest Games on YouTube - Whats the last game you Played?


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What is the last game that you played? Anything interesting happen? Share it with us.


The last game I played was GTA: SA (Grand Theft Auto: San Andres). I was bored and started to play around on my old console system. Nothing interesting happened because I have play the games many times and generally know what to expect. I usually play the game when I am bored. I like to conquer territories. I can never get sick of this game.


The last game I played was Mass Effect 2. I'm replaying the Mass Effect trilogy just because I wanted to make a new character with a funny face and decided to continue the games again and just play them out instead of laughing at his face and ending it at that.


Last game I played was Starforge Alpha. Not entirely pleased with it so far, however it's a very early release so I can't say I was expecting much. Definitely has potential though, so I'm going to be keeping an eye on this one. Interesting event? I built a giant tower of wood and accidentally fell off of it. That was a painful landing.


Amnesia: Dark Decent. Played it for the second time, collecting all the notes that were available, and paying closer attention to the story rather than running from the brutes that constantly gave me heart attacks.
The last game I played was The Witcher. I enjoyed it, and I think I will go back some time and replay it with different options/decisions. I was trying to be neutral, but ended up joining one side over the other.


The last game I played was Assassins Creed 1. I hadn't played through the series before so thought I'd give it a go. So far it's not too bad; the combat is getting a bit repetitive though, but I'm still enjoying it at the moment. Does the combat improve with the later games?


The last game i played is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. And the whole thing is just hilarious: the setting, animations, story and the dialogues. Just awesome:



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