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Hello, my name is Elk or Elkieiie
I recently started doing a youtube channel that goes under the name of "Elkieiie", this is because I wanted to share my love of video games with the world and share my games with people, I currently am having some success but would like more,
Things to know about me:
- I like gaming
- I enjoy singing and playing the guitar
- I am currently in college
- I'm a friendly person, a bit shy but will open up in good time
- I enjoy all different types of music
- I want to make new friends,

I've had my youtube channel around a week and have 22 subscribers, I hope to see you all around and I hope this helped you to get to know me better


Hello and welcome to the forums! Glad to see a new face. Good luck on your journey and if you have questions about anything feel free to ask!


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