Hello From Liverpool!


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Evening all!

Just thought id introduce myself as i am looking to get back on track with my YT channel that ive had for roughly 10 years or so now. The channel itself never really "took off" as such and this put me off more than once as i just wasnt seeing or receiving any of the views or subscribers i was hoping or expecting and seeing other channels from the UK or that were just as small or as new as me gaining huge popularity just put me off even more!

But now ive decided to renew my channel name, design and layout (previously MrMegaEngergy95) to TwistedFenix as this name was created a few years back when i first started playing League of Legends and to get back on track and reach that goal of 1,000 subscribers and upwards!

I look forward to speaking and interacting with you all, any questions feel free to ask or view my channel. (I know i can't post links yet but searching for "TwistedFenix" should work!)

Cheers Guys



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