Good Recording Softwares :)


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If you're looking for some that are good quality but do cost some money, Action! Or Fraps are quite good. If you would like free software try out OBS as recommended above


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OBS overall but if you want to record a windowed game I personally like camtasia's built-in recording software

Juan Capp

If you have an NVIDIA Graphics card then I would suggest Shadowplay. Very easy to use and doesn't drop your frames at all. :)
I use OBS, given the right settings and a decent PC it's great software. But, I'll agree with shadowplay, it's amazing if you have a NVIDIA card.


OBS is the way to go. It's free, you get the whole thing (unlike Xsplit) and you can do 1080p 60fps. You need to spend a lot of time setting it up and experimenting to find out what settings work best for your rig, but it's worth it.

You could use FRAPS, but make sure you have a hard drive the size of a garage.


Yeah, what Kai said. You can always use an elgato to record a console or if you happen to have a pc and a laptop, you can game and one and the elgato to record on the other.


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