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Title of Thread: Channel Name

  • Channel Name: Giant Bacon
  • Channel Link:
  • Channel Start Date: 9 th April 2013
  • Partnered with Network?: Np
  • Amount of Videos on Channel: 507
  • Total Subscribers: 3295
  • Amount of Total Views on Channel: 143,987
  • Channel Description:
    Hi Guys I'm Giant Bacon and welcome to My channel . This channel is mostly for games and tutorials. If you want to watch some awesome gameplays,walkthroughs,funny commentary or tutorials this is the right place for you !.Ready to Bring you some Insane Gameplays,Some funny moments,Awesome Walkthroughs and Great tutorials/tips and tricks and much much more!. Life is amazing and Video Games make it even better.Subscribe and join the Bacon Army !

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aweosme channel m8 i remember you form somewhere maybe on my old channel anyway here is my new one!
Gamenatic try not to advertise on other people's post since especially since this is a thread for him to advertise his own channel. If you want to post your vids, post them in your own channel promotion thread or either in another thread relevant to that.


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