Gerd und die stille Tanne (Gerd and the silent fir) trying Dark Souls Remastered

Hey everybody!

We are Gerd und die stille Tanne (Gerd and the Silent Fir) and we are german gamer with passion and no (Gerd)/ average (Tanne/Fir) skills.

Last year Gerd got the idea to make some Youtube videos about gaming and Tanne said:" Hell yeah, but i will be the silent part (Stille Tanne/Silent Fir) . So we started with Dark Souls Remastered. So far we are published 9 videos on Youtube and its gonna be more. Tanne is the the expert with over 500 hours in the Souls Series...and Gerd...well he had played 10 hours. Its a pain in the ass for him. We are not trying to be famous or something like that. Its just an experiment to get the experience about making videos on Youtube.

We tried another game too (60 seconds), but there wasnt a big feedback in the "Community".

Please check out our Gaming Channel on Youtube: Gerd und die stille Tanne

We would like to know what do you think about our project.


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