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    • Channel Name: Gamemeisters
    • Channel Link:
    • Channel Start Date: Mar 26, 2017
    • Partnered with Network?: No
    • Amount of Videos on Channel: 84
    • Total Subscribers: 33
    • Amount of Total Views on Channel: 853
    • Channel Description: Gamemeisters is a channel founded by Scott and Brandon, who have been 2 friends since the 5th grade (Going into senior year) we originally started this so we could hang out more and record our experiences, as we think our comedy works well together. Although Gamemeisters was really intended to be a gameshow, with at least 9 different people. We've expanded, we want to collab with everyone we can, growing our family as big as we can. Whether big or small YouTubers, everyone is equal in our books! We're planning to upload tons of Lets Plays and just gaming moments as we grow in YouTube. This is something we enjoy very much, and we hope you will also! Thank you :) ~Scott
    • Channel Trailer (Optional:
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    Welcome to the forum! We have some really good people here!

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