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    Game: Phantasy Star Online 1 & 2
    Platform: Gamecube
    Number of People: 1
    Timezone: n/a
    Age: 23
    Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ57nPhFAxcZ5ltQKbCr-LQ

    I’m looking for someone who has the gamecube keyboard controller, and who is comfortable to be on camera for a minute or so to talk briefly about it.

    I am working on an in depth review of Phantasy star online and would like to show off the controller in a way other than just showing pictures. My channel is brand new, and I don’t have a lot of subscribers yet. I have built a channel in the past that has 3.5k subscribers, so I feel confident that i can build this channel once I have some content to work with. But basically at the moment this is just a passion project.

    I feel like a lot of people don’t give this game a fair review, and I want to be fair and go over this game properly as well as make it an entertaining experience for the audience. So if you’re passionate about this game or just happen to have the controller, I’d appreciate the collab.

    Reply for more info or email me at therealpinta77@gmail.com

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